Adobe MOGRT Training

Adobe MOGRT training


Series of 3 classes on usage and authoring of motion graphic templates for use in Adobe Premiere Pro culminating in a deployable motion graphics package. Classes are instructed virtually through zoom. Graphic materials provided for class exercises. Following the classes, office hours are available for additional questions or session review. 

Class 1- Motion graphic templates

Create a foundational knowledge base of using motion graphic templates (Mogrts) in Premiere Pro through lecture and hands-on demonstration projects. Learn about Mogrts in the production pipeline and ways they can be used to create modular motion graphics solutions. This class is geared to all levels from beginners to experts. Approx time: 1 hour

Class outcomes:

● Understand how Mogrts work in the production pipeline

● Install and modify a sample motion graphic package 

● Complete a sample edit using multiple Mogrts in Adobe Premiere Pro

Class 2- Authoring Mogrts

Over 2 sessions, learn how to author Mogrts in Premiere Pro and After Effects. This hands onclass will have participants create several different motion graphic templates to build part of a Motion graphic package. This class is geared for those who will be designing or deploying motion graphics templates for  Premiere Pro. Approx time: 3 hours over two 1.5 hour sessions

Class outcomes:

● Author customizable templates in Premiere Pro

● Author editable Mogrts in After Effects

● Author media replaceable, time responsive designs

Class 3- Mastering Mogrts

In this final 2 session class participants will explore After Effects expressions and controllers to create templates that offer published controls to make guided editable templates. Sliders, checkboxes and media wells will be explored as participants create different Motion graphic templates to complete a motion graphic package. The final session explores authoring and usage of data driven Mogrts.  This class is geared to Motion designers, or other After Effects experts. Approx time: 3 hours over two 1.5 hour session

Class outcomes:            

● Create templates with limited options using expression controllers

● Design modular templates

● Develop data driven templates 


Various Television Studios

Project Duration:

5 months


Motion Graphics Templates – MOPGRTS

Data driven templates from CSV