Stanislaw Luberda

Motion Designer


My first television experience was being 5 years old and in the control room of the Chicago Cubs with Harry Caray and Steve Stone. My neighbor was a producer for WGN. Since then I’ve had a passion for communication, media, broadcast and motion graphics design.

My first opportunity was for the National Institute of Health developing content which led to eventually becoming an Adobe trainer. I was fortunate to instruct several Fortune 500 companies throughout the US and Canada in Production and postproduction techniques.

This eventually circled back to public television at PBS Wisconsin where I continued my lifelong mission of outreach, education, and developing content for the state.

From there I became speaker and presenter for MotionVFX- a leader in post production tools and design which then took me to work as a contracted Video Content Engineer at Apple through Pro-Unlimited.

My passion is education, innovation and automation of motion graphics, animation and real time content generation.


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Artificial Intelligence & Artificial Emotional Intelligence
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Los Angeles, CA

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October 2018 lacpug Meet
mO2 Demo

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Always available for side collaborations and talks worldwide. If you want to chat about design, motion graphics, graphic automation, training, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.