Broadcast Graphic Automation using Dataclay Templater Example

This is a timelapse of me putting together about 750 fullscreen and misc graphics for broadcast for Wisconsin Public Television Auction!Almost all comps were created from set up once templates then populated from google docs.

I ran into a couple weird text wrapping scaling issues but other than that it really expedited the process of making these graphics for air.

We were down at least 1 person and i have been told that this was a rare time we were not here late constantly, things worked very well. I’m already planing on using Dataclay Automation for other animation and edits.
Special Thanks to my supervisor Jen Hadley for letting me test this out. Thanks to Brandon my coworker and Casey for their Spreadsheet magic, and Kaylee and Rodney and Amber to help me put these comps together.
Out of all the places I’ve worked this has had the best culture and working environment.

Music is the Creatures from US RETRACE- “Thank you.”