Tutorials a great way to learn something in your spare time. Below you can find a selection of tutorials on a variety of topics. Something you wish to see a tutorial about?  Send me a message and it might just pop up here.

Introduction to Element3D

In this tutorial we look at getting started with Element3D.  We take a look at the interface as well as how to create objects, apply materials, and assign groups.

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Rate and sort media in FCPX

Theres times you need to review your best clips or clips that you may not have used yet- in this lesson you will learn how to give your media ratings, and why you would want to.

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Color Correcting in FCPX

Its often necessary to adjust color, either for artistic purposes or for correcting errors when recording. In this lesson learn how to use color correction activate color scopes

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Introduction to Dropzones

Drop zones are a great feature of Apple motion that lets you use special placeholder your compositions to easily place or replace graphics and video.

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Adobe Premiere Pro Training Lesson 9

In Lesson 9 of our 10 free lessons in Premiere Pro we learn about title layers. Before we dig into to titles I explain some of the Limitations of the titles in Premiere Pro and what you can expect to create.

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