Element3D Advanced

Element3D- Advanced

Course Summary:

In this course you will learn the how to incorporate Element3D with other 3D applications. Students will import models and animations from Cinema4D inside of After Effects.  Additionally you will learn how to make use of the animation engine to create quick and seemless animations. Lastly, you will learn how to properly use the render settings and utilities to composite 3d objects into 2D footage.

Class Outline:

  1. Importing 3d models from other programs
  2. Exploring Materials
  3. Using C4D with Element3D
  4. Using the Animation Engine
  5. Render Settings
  6. Utilities
  7. Advanced Compositing with Element3D

Contact for class

This course consists of a single day (6 hours) hands on class with exercises.

Who this class is for:
Intermediate and advanced users of Adobe After Effects who are looking to incorporate full 3D objects and into their scenes.  It is recommended that Element3D Foundations is taken prior to this class.

While understanding of basic 3D environments is helpful it is not required.
Technical specifications:
This class is offered in both Pc and Mac environments.
After effects and element3D must be installed on your machine for this course.
To see if your GPU is supported please visit the Video copilot help page at:http://www.videocopilot.net/docs/element/installation_and_compatibility/specifications/