Creating an intro for the Concerts on the square 2017

I’ve been at Wisconsin Public Television for almost a year now and as part of my duties here, I am responsible for Motion graphics, animation, and I’m also a producer for our grantors.  This last June I was asked to refresh the open animation for the first Concerts on the Square.  In this time-lapse you can see my creation process of the whole graphics package from open, title wipe, lower thirds, and credits.

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Works- Creating a character animation with duik

Recently I was asked to put together a short animation for the new 24/7 kids channel over at my work- Wisconsin public television.  DuIk is a tool I’ve wanted to learn and try for a little while, and this was the perfect way to start getting comfortable with it.

Here is a Time-lapse of my work animating the spot.  The completed spot can be seen on WPT kids channel over the next 2 years!

The characters were created by graphic designer Scott Stetson.
Music is Castlevania adventure Remix by Mcvaffe. (great work jams)