Screen replacements for television Commercials PROCESS

Screen replacements using Mocha.  I had actually finished these hours before I left for Thailand, however never posted my process on them.
I was given the raw 6k footage from a red Dragon via USB drive and tracked each of the screens using Boris Mocha.  For a scene or two where we had a finger covering the image, I had to separately track that out.

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Are you in the Milwaukee Area? Join our new meetup.

I’ve just started a new meetup group in the greater Milwaukee area focusing on all things film/production. While there are a few other meetups in town that work with various facets of production (MCA-I, Mograph etc.) I wanted to create something a little broader in scope.


I’m hoping to find other people passionate about shooting, editing, writing, modeling, etc. that can meet together, share strategies, encourage and empower each other, and most importantly have fun.

Each meetup (I’m hoping) would involve a meet and greet, a demo of some hardware or software, a speaker, and an informal challenge that you can take part in if you wish.

In addition to this, I’m encouraging members to bring in some of their past or current projects to gain feedback if they so choose.
The meetup is free to join, as well as most if not all the events.

In addition to the meetup group I’ve started a blog, Twitter, and Facebook where members can share and discuss ideas and opportunities.

My ultimate goal with this is to meet great people, share what we know and create a network of people that are interested in making the best content personally, or professionally.Meetup url:

Facebook group: