The future of Education and why I won’t teach courses at a college any longer.

For the last 5 years or so I’ve been lucky enough to travel the country and work with some incredible people at some amazing facilities.  I’ve helped set up studios large and small from a small auto parts manufacturer to a couple fortune 500 companies to one of the largest gaming and entertainment companies on the planet.  I’ve worked on some great productions and through all of those experiences I’ve learned how people learn, how they absorb information, and how to better build classes.

One of the key things I’m mostly passionate in my life is teaching and instructing.  I love sharing what I know and helping people through the different projects and skillsets.
In case you don’t know- Im a Adobe certified instructor that also works in Television at Wisconsin Public Television in Madison WI.  I used to love teaching classes at the local colleges but don’t believe its the right way to teach or learn right now and heres why-

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