Tutorial: Using the Adobe Media encoder

I recently started creating and uploading a series of tutorials about the different software and techniques I teach.

In this tutorial, learn how to properly use the Adobe Media Encoder to speed up your renders, save them for the end of the day, split work among different computers, specify timecode overlays and so much more.  It’s *almost* everything there is to know about the AME in one lesson.

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Constant change for growth

Here’s something I typically don’t share.

Went I went to school I didn’t have a penny to my name. I had quit a career of 6 years to go back to what I always loved. I was pretty broke and filled out scholarships and grant papers part time while working to try and fund my schooling.

I got really good at it.
I wrote them all the time, and I cant write for a damn but made use of writing centers and 3-4 people proofing and reworking my writing to make it better

I got a few degrees and was commencement speaker for my graduating class. I won a few awards and even got a couple oversized novelty checks (I was very disappointed the giant checks came with “real” small ones too)

I worked an internship making flyers and filming. I actually made something like 200 fliers and still have a copy of every single one printed in my closet) I built media centers and signage and filmed a bunch. I wouldn’t take payment for 2 years because really my stuff want that good, but it got a lot better.

And while I still believe everything I do has a stink of “this sucks” on it, it turns out I know a lot. And at the same time I feel like I’m just getting started.

Most people have goals and they have things they “want” to do. But a lot of people don’t do it. They make excuses why they fail. “I never went to school for that, I might not be that good, I don’t have this kind of equipment, people might not like it” Etc. Sometimes its too inconvenient. Or it’s fear.

Ask anyone that has transformed themselves. If they got in great shape from not so good, who got a great job, anyone… who radically changed their life, and everyone of them will tell you it was the hardest thing they have ever done. At the same time they will say, looking back, it was the greatest thing they ever did.

Change, and growth, takes an enormous amount of effort.
It’s only for those that do more than “want” change.

I say this often: You want to do xyz? What are you doing about it?
Are you making goals? do you have a plan? Do you NEED it? No? Then you dont want it and furthermore you’re wasting your time and other peoples time.

You want to be a better artist? Draw every day.
You want to lose weight? Track your caloric consumption and expenditure.
You want to save money? Track it. Continual growth can only be seen from a distance. Dont focus on yesterday. Focus on today. Right now, and 6 months from now.

And it will be hard, and you will hate it and you might quit. For the few that don’t quit. the ones that keep going, only greatness awaits.

But this is all just my opinion. This has worked for me so far. I, like most people I’ve talked to about this, have no map.

What is your greatness for 2015?

Big promises from Premiere Clip, but does it deliver?

As many of you know Adobe Max is happening on Oct 6th, and with it is plenty of new features and updates to Adobe’s line of video applications. While updates are always great in terms of making products work better and fix bugs there’s a couple of brand new offerings available that extend into the world of mobile where the first time I fee like I’m one step closer to editing while on the beach in Cancun.

I’m going to start with what sounds like the best part (for me as a video guy) and  talk about Adobe premiere Clip.
Premiere Clip

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