Why I’m breaking up with Vimeo

It’s not me, It’s you.

Why I’m breaking up with Vimeo.

It wasn’t long ago that there were a lot of different choices when it came to hosting and sharing video online. It seemed like there was a new video sharing service popping up every so often and one by one they all disappeared leaving really only two for me to choose from- YoutTube and Vimeo.

It’s hard to find someone that isn’t familiar with YouTube. A service that originally started as an eBay competitor that now has “YouTube” stars making 6 figures and a viable distribution/streaming/entertainment/ educational platform. Everyone knows about YouTube/ everyone can use YouTube, and it’s very popular. Which were all great reasons to NOT use YouTube, and instead use Vimeo.

So hold on, I thought this was a break up letter, where did things go wrong?

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