iMovie on iOS- better than you might think

If you’re like me chances are you are always taking photos of videos of different things/events/ people for script/story ideas.  maybe you like the way a certain street is laid out or the light is hitting through a stained glass window. Whatever the situation, chances are you are not always carrying a whole film rig with you, but instead carrying a cellphone.

I know what your thinking- “Is he seriously saying  that we can get decent results putting together edited pieces from a cellphone?”  

To answer your question, here’s a piece that I shot with an iPhone 6+ and was put together and edited by Kenneth Kornacki of Kenko here in Milwaukee, WI

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Tutorial: Using the Adobe Media encoder

I recently started creating and uploading a series of tutorials about the different software and techniques I teach.

In this tutorial, learn how to properly use the Adobe Media Encoder to speed up your renders, save them for the end of the day, split work among different computers, specify timecode overlays and so much more.  It’s *almost* everything there is to know about the AME in one lesson.

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Using iMovie on the iPhone 6 Plus

This was shot with an iphone 6 plus. Incidentally it was also entirely edited on the iPhone 6 Plus using the iPhone version of iMovie.
I am using the time-lapse feature on the stock camera app and some basic settings in iMovie.
I was pleasantly surprised to see how well and easy it was to work in iMovie for iOS.
In my experience this is what Premiere Clip was Trying to be but lacked so much.
It was easy to add fades, retime footage, trim footage and audio. If this ends up having seperate tracks or storylines it could make a lot of editing very interesting. Id love to proxy edit fcpx on this thing.

I will absolutely be using iMovie on iOS in the future. All around awesome.
Music is Andrew Bird.

I’ll be putting together a larger review because I am so impressed with this product.

Are you in the Milwaukee Area? Join our new meetup.

I’ve just started a new meetup group in the greater Milwaukee area focusing on all things film/production. While there are a few other meetups in town that work with various facets of production (MCA-I, Mograph etc.) I wanted to create something a little broader in scope.


I’m hoping to find other people passionate about shooting, editing, writing, modeling, etc. that can meet together, share strategies, encourage and empower each other, and most importantly have fun.

Each meetup (I’m hoping) would involve a meet and greet, a demo of some hardware or software, a speaker, and an informal challenge that you can take part in if you wish.

In addition to this, I’m encouraging members to bring in some of their past or current projects to gain feedback if they so choose.
The meetup is free to join, as well as most if not all the events.

In addition to the meetup group I’ve started a blog, Twitter, and Facebook where members can share and discuss ideas and opportunities.

My ultimate goal with this is to meet great people, share what we know and create a network of people that are interested in making the best content personally, or professionally.Meetup url:

Facebook group:




Big promises from Premiere Clip, but does it deliver?

As many of you know Adobe Max is happening on Oct 6th, and with it is plenty of new features and updates to Adobe’s line of video applications. While updates are always great in terms of making products work better and fix bugs there’s a couple of brand new offerings available that extend into the world of mobile where the first time I fee like I’m one step closer to editing while on the beach in Cancun.

I’m going to start with what sounds like the best part (for me as a video guy) and  talk about Adobe premiere Clip.
Premiere Clip

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