Screen replacements for television Commercials PROCESS

Screen replacements using Mocha.  I had actually finished these hours before I left for Thailand, however never posted my process on them.
I was given the raw 6k footage from a red Dragon via USB drive and tracked each of the screens using Boris Mocha.  For a scene or two where we had a finger covering the image, I had to separately track that out.

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Boris FX and Imagineer systems “New year, New Tools” contest

Over at Milwaukee Film Collective, they covered a contest by BorisFX

Boris FX is a leading manufacturer of plugins for many popular video applications since like forever (ok,at least a decade or so) and have recently just purchased Imagineer Systems, make of my personal favorite planer tracking software Mocha. Before Mocha, I really didnt grasp how planer tracking could be fun, easy, and yield such awesome instant results. (I also want to state that this is NOT a sponsored post)

In that they have partnered and are probably looking to get the word out a little they are having a “New Year, New Tools” contest going on with some pretty sweet prizes.

They are giving away copies of Boris Continuum and Mocha Pro
And the ways to enter are pretty easy. (taken from

How to enter:

1. Upload any creative project completed in the last year to Project must have used BCC, mocha (or other software* from Boris FX or Imagineer).

2. Tag your video: “Boris FX + mocha 2015

3. Tag what products you used: “BCC”, “Red”, “mocha AE”, “mocha Pro”

4. Bonus points: Tweet us your link! @borisfx + @imagineersystem

If you need for more information on the contest heres the link to it where it has all the rules and specifications they are looking for.
So why not send over some stuff?
Good luck.