Tutorial: Using the Adobe Media encoder

I recently started creating and uploading a series of tutorials about the different software and techniques I teach.

In this tutorial, learn how to properly use the Adobe Media Encoder to speed up your renders, save them for the end of the day, split work among different computers, specify timecode overlays and so much more.  It’s *almost* everything there is to know about the AME in one lesson.

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Planer tracking in Mocha AE

I’ve been tracking things more and more lately.  It seems like many of my clients like the idea of compositing items or visually sweetening things up in Post.  And while there is no quick easy substitute from proper planning at the beginning, tracking is something that i find to be essential.

There are a lot of different tools out there for tracking such as the trackers built into after effects as well as the 3d camera tracker in after effects, but being able to set a plane where there may not be enough information can be a bit challenging and frustrating using these tools.

Luckily for us, there is a version of mocha included with After Effects that we can make use of to track Planes quickly and easily without a lot of trouble.

Here is a quick overview of how to use it and getting up and running with it.


For more information, or if you are interested in training in after effects please visit http://www.c2gps.com

Using the Rigid mask tracker in after effects

If you are like me, theres lots of times where you may be running and gunning or editing footage of someone else out in the field, and when you sit down with it need to remove certain information etc.

In the past I would mask things by hand or even jump into mocha and start tracking things across time, when I would have the tracking points fail me in After effects.

But the new Mask tracker feature in After Effects lets me mask quickly and easily so I can spend more time on my actual edit instead of cleaning up the footage and getting it ready to edit.

Using the Rigid Mask Tracker in After Effects from C2GPS on Vimeo.

Heres a video I put together showing how the Rigid mask tracker works in After effects, but note that in the late 2014 release of Premiere Pro, we have this same tool availble saving you time in round tripping and creating extra Ae Compositions.