Adobe Premiere Pro Free introductory Training

I’ve been teaching Adobe production software since 2011 and theres lots of people who are wanting to get into production and video editing.   Sometimes its not economical or physically practical to book a classroom or on 1 on 1 session with me, or other instructors.

So I’ve decided Im going to give away a 10 lesson course covering everything to get you up and running with Premiere Pro!

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Element 3D Sphere replicator tutorial

In this tutorial we look at the Sphere replicator shape option in Element 3D.  The way this works is that the replicator itself is a sphere and depending on the number of instances of a particle you have in a scene, the more filled out the sphere will be.

Here are the different sections covered in this tutorial:

Using the sphere replicator

Adjusting the sphere properties

Adding rotations to particles

Using the particle look random rotation

If you are looking for more tutorials on Element 3D, I have a bunch available on my tutorials page.

If you are looking for more formal training on Element 3D, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Motion, Final cut pro or other video production topics and software i offer classroom based or custom 1 on 1 training if you are in the Milwaukee Chicago Madison area.  

You can see my classes available at my home site at

Not in the area?  I offer a 1 on 1 web based training using Screen Hero.  You pick the topics and we cover exactly what you are looking for.

Lastly, If you are looking for some help with VFX or animation, I may be available for short or midrange contract work.

Lower thirds in After Effects part 3 of 3: Creating a fully animated lower third

This is part 3 of 3 lessons talking about simple lower thirds.

In our first lesson, we looked at what a lower third is, and how to create a very simple one using a shape layer and gradients.

in our second lesson, we created a more styled eye catching design using tools built into After Effects, and photo imagery.

In this lesson we continue from our design in part 2- and add to it. In here we make use of alpha mattes and precomps to give our design more life than simply fading in and fading out.

The topics covered in this lesson are:

Assembling our lower third

Using alpha mattes,

Animation of position properties

Easing of keyframes (keyframe interpolation)

Viewing multiple comps at once

Finessing our animation

Using the Light Sweep effect

Time Reversing of Keyframes
If you are looking for more tutorials or After effects, Premiere, Final Cut, Apple motion or video production Training I am available for private or group instruction through

There, you can find more tutorials as well as online classes and face to face training opportunities.

Sign replacement tutorial in After Effects using Mocha Ae

Its very common to have to replace or remove signs in different pieces of footage.  Sometimes we dont want to show something, sometimes we need to replace it, such as a tv screen or mobile device.  What a lot of people dont know is that Mocha from Boris and Imagineer systems is bundled in After Effects as Mocha AE for planer tracking.

In this tutorial I go over the process of taking a scene and replacing a sign as well and looking at why i can’t rely on just the built in rigid mask tracker in After Effects.

If you are looking for more information on logo o sign replacement, Mocha, or After Effects training, please visit www.  I offer Face to face training classes for teams up to 6 people in a classroom environment.

In addition to that, I’ve got more tutorials focusing on all different software and techniques.

Tutorial: Using the Adobe Media encoder

I recently started creating and uploading a series of tutorials about the different software and techniques I teach.

In this tutorial, learn how to properly use the Adobe Media Encoder to speed up your renders, save them for the end of the day, split work among different computers, specify timecode overlays and so much more.  It’s *almost* everything there is to know about the AME in one lesson.

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