My name is Stanislaw Robert Luberda,

Over the last year Ive been working as a Motion graphics artists / Grantor Producer at Wisconsin Public Television.  As part of my work i am tasked with creating sponsor messages for broadcast on a daily basis, along with animation.  I specialize in large scale motion graphics automation driven by data sets.

I’ve been working as a Adobe and Apple trainer in Milwaukee for the last 6 years (7 years in Feb).  I’ve been extremely satisfied working with clients like Kohls, Wells Fargo, Direct Supply, MGM Grand Resorts international among others.

While I will always be excited about education and Instruction, I’m passionate about production and public media and using my skills to enrich my community.  I’m an adobe certified instructor, so I feel well versed in working with various tools to create Motion Graphics and animations. I work in Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion for a majority of my professional and personal projects.

If the need should arise I am also well versed in shooting for the edit, and have much experience in shooting with a variety of cameras from professional Cinema cameras, DSLRs and mirrorless to ENG and everything in between.  I personally shoot with Canon Sony and Black Magic Design cameras, and know about proper exposure and using focus assists/histograms etc.

In Motion graphics, I work to create 2D animatics as well as 3D render environments.  In addition to design, I specialize in graphic automation, using datasets to drive large scale iterations of broadcast animations.


I’m looking for a career and legacy that will create awe in my clients, inspire my team, and challenge the competition.

My name is Stanislaw Robert Luberda, and I will do great things.

You can click the link to download a copy of my resume.

Stanislaw Robert Luberda Resume