My name is Stanislaw Robert Luberda,

I have worked in video production for 10 years. First, in Chicago, with Sureshot productions. While studying Visual Communication at Madison College, I became Creative Media Director for Rosita’s Inc. I specialize in live video production and large event displays generating real-time content through Action script or rss.

I have worked with Panasonic, Sony and Canon pro level cameras. I recently developed my own touch interfaces from the ground up using off the shelf materials for use in Live VJ performances, as well as developed a method for capturing 1080p video in 360 degrees with easily found equipment. Im familiar with most of the common production suites from Apple and Adobe as well as specialty software and equipment such as Cinema 4D, 3d:LIVE among others.

If I’m not content with the way technologies are, I go out of my way to make things that fit my own needs. “Impossible” doesn’t exist to me, as I only see it as further challenges. Ideas and new technologies are built on breaking through barriers, and many times people forget they create artificial barriers.

If you want someone who will blindly follow, you will find them in flocks.

If you want real results, and all the enthusiasm that comes from taking your projects to the next level, you need someone unintimidated from the process of creating great things. Mundane applicants can rarely go beyond mundane work. That’s how they are sought, and implemented. Mediocrity is death in business. Why look for good enough when there are great people?

I’m not looking for a job.

I’m looking for a career and legacy that will create awe in my clients, inspire my team, and challenge the competition.

My name is Stanislaw Robert Luberda, and I will do great things.

You can click the link to download a copy of my resume.

Stanislaw Robert Luberda– Resume