MotionVFX tutorials

In this section are all the different tutorials I’ve worked on in some way with MotionVFX.
Decided to put them separate from the AV-Ultra stuff as this is all items that is purely MotionVFX.

mTransition Scrub tutorial

mTranition Scrub is a great new plugin from MotionVFX that offers a really unique style to your transitions. Need something frenetic, high paced and exciting? you might want to check it out. you can find it for sale here: mTransition Scrub

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mSmoke4k Compositing tutorial FCP + Motion

Recently the incredible team over at MotionVFX released mSmoke4k compositing elements.  I put together a tutorial on how to use the items, but we also talk about basic Compositing techniques including color matching and Match move motion Tracking. Check out this free lesson to learn all about it.

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