Tour of my 4K rig with the a7s and Atomos Assassin

Tour of my 4k rig.

Recently I’ve been shooting a lot of different projects from stock video, to events, corporate videos and interviews and some personal projects and I’ve had people ask me about my setup.
In this post, I’ll be giving you a tour of one of my common rig configurations.

List of all the products in my video-

The iPhone I’m using is the iPhone 6+

Im actually recording this tutorial with a : Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV

The Base

All of this sits on a set of Manfrotto legs that lock really nicely. It handles all the weight all right and I don’t feel like Im pushing it too hard.

Theres lot of other things I might use too like Microphones or shoulder mounts and ever some Loupes but for the most part when Im doing some production that is what I usually end up with in some shape or form.

The Power

Near the end of the rails I have a Lanparte v mount battery pinch. Connected to that I have a Switronix Lp 90 battery. What I liked about the Lanparte battery pinch is that It can also act as a v mount battery charger, and has several different ports for power.  it also seems to have HDMI splitting capabilities but I’ve never used them nor can I comment on how well they may work.

Using the tap on the battery pinch and the battery itself I can power the a7s and the Atomos assassin for a couple hours at a time continuously. 

The Cage

The cage Im using is Kamarar TK II cage and its a little large (almost laughably so), but i use a fair amount of the space on it. Its solid and all metal with a solid feel and handle.

Attached to that is a magic arm where I’ve attached an Atomos Ninja Assassin 4k Recorder/monitor. On the recorder itself is a Samsung EVO SSD and a Sony L series battery made by Watson.  If i need longer lasting power for longer shoots, I have an Atomos Dummy battery with a tap Male to Male connector. Connecting the recorder to the assassin is an Atomos branded micro cdmi to Full size HDMI.  Notice I don’t have a port lock on my camera.  Unfortunately the seller who sold this as “new” sold me a slightly used one. Inside the cage I haven’t had issues with it disconnecting.

The cage is connected to a Manfrotto tripod head and I have some rails connected to the cage.

The Camera

At the heart of my rig I have the sony a7s. I picked this up after debating what kind of things were most important for me when shooting. I had looked ranging from the AJA Cion and Black Magic Ursa, to the Canon C100 and gh4 and a few other cameras in between.

The reason why I chose the a7s was really its great in low light, it’s full frame, and I can get a 4k signal out of it via HDMI.

On it Im using a fotodiox adapter to use Canon EF mount lenses on a sony E mount camera, and on that Im using a declicked rokinon 50mm Cine lens.  This is an active adapter but i find that even with non manual lenses it doesn’t do a great job so I typically shot with manual lenses anyway.

If I’m on shorter shoots and I don’t need constant power for long days I use regular sony batteries but on longer shoots I typically run a regulated Dummy battery from the Sony to a different power source.

On the base of the unit Im using a manfrotto quick release plate so i can pop my camera off quickly and easily and that is attached to my Cage here.

The Extras

One last thing I tend to do is mount an iPhone or go pro to the top of my rig on the opposite side of the assassin. Reason is I like to be able to either time-lapse or record a small “proxy” takes that i can easily piece together in iMovie or review at a later time. 

Depending on where exactly Im shooting sometimes I’ll use a matte box with my setup, but its dependent on what Im shooting and where. 

Hope that answers your questions about my go to rig and if you have any others just let me know, and Ill do my best to answer them.