Askew + Iconic Lower third Templates for FCPX and Motion

AV-Ultra Askew + Iconic Lower third Templates for FCPX and Motion

This pack includes 10 titles for use in Final Cut Pro X or Apple Motion.
Speed up your workflow.
Easy editing so you can focus on your edit.

For motion 5 or FCPX
The Askew pack has selectable Dropzones, and customizable colors. They are all based on the same title but animate in different ways.

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The Iconic pack is a series of lower thirds with dropzones and 2 line Title subtitle. 1 Has an additional 3rd line that can be used as a locator.Requirements:
Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.3.3 or above
Apple Motion 5.3.2

iconic 1iconic 2Iconic 3Iconic 4askew 5askew 2Iconic 5askew 3askew 4askew 1