mFreezeFrame Comic plugin tutorial from MotionVFX

mFreezeFrame Comic – a Final Cut Pro X Plugin with 30 Comic Freeze Frame Effects and 24 Add-ons. Check out the tutorial.Heres the plug-in in case you were wondering-

I recently did the VO for this tutorial while the amazing team over at MotionVFX HQ made all the magic! mFreezeFrame Comic is fast, and easy, and comes with a ton of presets so you can jump right in!
Here’s the tutorial-

Here’s what MotionVFX has to say about it:
Introducing a character or emphasizing a specific part of your footage can be done in different ways, but we like to do it spectacularly. That’s why we designed mFreezeFrame Comic – an astounding set of freeze frame effects with comic stylizations. These diversified stills have a custom mask to separate and highlight a chosen part of your shot and bring it to the forefront, as well as a couple of on-screen controls to facilitate your workflow. It’s as easy as it gets and gives you a complete comic look in no time. With this plugin, creating a captivating intro, movie credits, or simply a cool interlude takes just a couple of minutes of fun.

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