How to raise your rates as a freelance video creator.

Over the summer I met up with George over at Seed Creative to shoot some videos about what we have learned so far about being in the industry, how to service as a freelance artist, and in this video- how to raise your rates as a freelance Video creator.
The one real “trick” I’ve learned in this regard is:

Let me follow up with something I see all the time:
I meet people every day and they ask me- How do I get more clients. How do I make more money, faster.

And for me at least- thats two different things.
I USE to grind on 2 jobs a day. I would try to get as many clients as possible all the time. Get them in, get stuff shit, get it uploaded or out the door. And I wasn’t really making a lot, and I was tired all the time, and had no time to be with friends or my family.

And that’s when it hit me- I actually wanted LESS clients. But I wanted to do bigger work. This led to a couple things.

1. Those clients had more trust in me, and I had more trust in them.
I was there with them more, I was more focused on them and their needs.

2. I wasn’t trying to schedule my life in 1 hour increments. I wasn’t going crazy trying to focus on which project was which this week, what’s due today, tomorrow, YESTERDAY.

3. I got to give the project enough time. So many times in the past it was “I wish I had more time to do this project right but thats all I have budgeted”. By having higher value and less clients I was able to really develop an idea to completion.

I also want to say there is NOTHING wrong with getting a ton of clients, I mean look at mcdonalds- Billions served is crazy when you think about it. But there’s a methodology to the madness, and very little room for creativity or excellent execution.

Lets go 1 Step Further:
Imagine its a formal occasion and you want a nice Fancy dinner.
How long are you at that place? How is the food presented? How does it Taste? Its totally different than a gas station burrito.
The gas station burrito will still feed you, it will still taste great if you are starving. But if someone offered you the choice between a gas station frozen burrito for free, or a dinner for 2 at a 5 star restaurant for free- Which would you choose? Why? Chances are most of the time you’ll choose the restaurant.

Your time and your work is valuable.
For more of these things check out the other videos w are putting together on youtube

And if you are looking for Video production- be sure to check out Seed Creative


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