News regarding Lessons / Tutorials

! I’ve had a few people reach out to me about having some new lessons and tutorials and I have been quiet for a while. I’ve been busily working on some personal, and professional projects for the last 2 months and now I can let you all know whats been happening. I am Thrilled to announce that as of Nov. 1st –

I’ll be creating Lessons and tutorials for MotionVFX. You may have heard of them. they are one of the leaders of Plugins, Templates, and tools in FCPX and Apple Motion.

Just recently you may have seen a few of my lessons on mO2 on MotionVFX’s youtube and website. Theres about to be a lot more of these.


What does this mean for AV-Ultra?

It’s even better news! Up until now- I’ve been traveling about 2-3 hours per day in commute time to my Job at Wisconsin Public Television (where my coworkers just took home 4 regional Emmys this weekend!). This means in any 40 hour week I was really working 50-57 hours including travel time. Getting up at 5AM, getting home at 7PM on the daily/ Up to this point- I’ve been researching, recording, and editing my lessons after work hours.

As you can imagine that’s been challenging.

While I’m saddened by my departure from Wisconsin Public Television, I’m excited for this new opportunity. Now that I’ll be producing for MotionVFX from my own office, I’ll have more “after work time” to continue my lessons! This means a whole new set of FCPX, Motion, Premiere and possibly After Effects and other lessons in the future. As always- all my lessons are and will continue to be 100% free on AV-Ultra.

What this DOESN’T mean- This does NOT mean AV-Ultra is being bought or owned by MotionVFX at this time and that is a separate and personal thing I have going on. The truth is I 100% believe that MotionVFX make the best tools and plugins for Motion and FCPX, otherwise I wouldn’t be as excited to be a part of this. Thanks so much for your support and I cant wait start this new chapter with all new lessons, new freebies and tutorials.


Stanislaw Robert Luberda


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