FCPX Lesson 10 – Compound Clips

Final Cut Pro X Training lesson 10- Compound Clips
Compound Clips are a useful tool for a variety of workflows in Final Cut Pro X. Whether you are iterating new titles over and over, or need to quickly change the layout of a clip, it offers versatility in your timeline without taking up a lot of extra space.

Additionally its a great way to bundle scenes together to try out different orders of clips, or Nest / precomp sections together so they can be manipulated as a group.

In this tutorial the following topics are covered-

0:12 Exploring Compound Clips
0:43 Identifying Compound Clips
1:02 Expanding Compound Clips
1:12 The Benefits of Compound Clips
3:26 How to create a Compound Clip in Final Cut Pro X
3:45 Shortcut key to create a Compound clip in FCPX
4:02 Create a simple animation within a Compound Clip
4:40 Making Changes to Compound Clips
5:40 Paste effects from one clip to another

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