Apple Motion Professional Training 13-Publishing Templates

In this Lesson we are going to look at how we can make projects in Apple Motion and make them into Templates we can easily change and access in Final Cut Pro X.
Using templates is a great way to quickly make intros/titles or other graphics where you will be iterating a lot of different items, or just saving time and placing them in your Final Cut Timeline without needing to render them in Motion first!

You can follow along with the exercise lesson here- or just use it for your own projects.

You are free to use it but cannot sell it or redistribute it.
If you end up using it in something be sure to leave a link in the comments- I’d love to see it.

In this lesson I cover the following topics:
0:18 Different types of templates
0:44 Example of published template
1:20 Tour of templates already in Final Cut Pro X
1:40 Example of using the Cloud Generator template
2:13 Why you would want to make or use templates
2:39 Start of exercise
3:39 Publishing templates from Motion
4:15 special note on saving with preview movie
4:40 Using your Published template in Final Cut Pro X
6:03 Publishing parameters in Apple motion
6:36 Publishing a Gradient color
7:01 Reviewing Published parameters in Motion
8:28 Renaming published settings
8:48 Publishing a groups opacity
9:24 Publish Pan and Scale of Dropzone
9:28 Publish the scale of a shape
9:47 Publish our Blinding Flash color
10:18 Rearrange Published behavior items
10:47 Testing out the Published Template
11:16 Adjust Published settings in Final Cut
12:01 Differences in Titles vs Generators
12:56 Wrap up and review


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