Apple Motion Professional Training series 10- Render settings and Exports

In Lesson 10 of the free introduction to Apple motion training course, you will learn all about render settings in the canvas to speed up playback and review, as well as render settings for final Output.

Additionally we will look at rendering with alpha channels (transparency) with lower thirds to get titles to look right.

Grab the Lesson file here- Lesson 10 Exercise file

Don’t have lower thirds? No problem!
Im including a set of 3 lower thirds that I created for you to experiment with for FREE!
You can grab them at this link-  AV ULTRA Lower thirds!


Topics covered in this lesson:

1:02 Start of lesson
1:25 Render settings in the canvas-
1:43 Changing resolution-
2:42 Quality settings-
3:00 Ram Previews-
3:56 Exporting using Motion-
5:02 Changing render settings for export-
7:01 Exporting using Compressor-
7:52 Exporting a Lower third with alpha channels-


Thats the basics of using Apple motion, its main features and functions, and typical projects.

In the next lesson we will be taking a deeper look at Lights, as well as Light types, as well as Shadows.

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