Apple Motion Professional Training series 08- Replicators

Learn the basics of building replicator systems in Apple Motion.

In this lesson learn about replicators, How they work, create a background using simple shapes, and lastly how to animate replicators using the Sequence Replicator behavior.

What are Replicators?
How is a Replicator different than an Emitter?
How to make and work with Replicators
Creating a background using Replicators
Sequence Replicator behavior

Getting Started- :30
Making a replicator- :51
What does a replicator do?- 1:10
The main difference between an Emitter and Replicator- 1:30
A tour of Replicator controls- 1:56
Cell Controls- 3:19
Replication angles- 3:30
Color Mode- 4:33
Replicator Scale- 5:31

Making things a little more complex- 7:12
Replicating Layer Groups- 7:46
Altering Layer anchor point for Replication- 9:00
Replicating Replicators- 9:48
Sequence Replicator Behavior-12:18
Adjusting the Sequence Replicator- 14:33
Adding multiple parameters to a Sequence Replicator- 15:57
Building an example using Replicators- 16:47
Using a Text Sequence Behavior 18:40

All replicators contain replicator cells, a source for the cells, and the replicator system layer. Learn how to set colors, and replicator shapes, as well as opacity over life in this intro to replicators.

Special thanks to Ukramedia which inspired this lesson.
Replicator functions are similar to After effects Repeater function and since he didn’t have a lesson focusing on creating those in Motion I decided too.

Be sure to check out his work (he just created some motion graphics for the superbowl!)


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