Creating the intro for the UW Varsity Band show 2017

As a Motion Graphics artist / Grantor producer for Wisconsin Public Television, theres times I’m asked to create animations for different shows, or projects.  In the past I got to work on the Eau Claire Jazz Fest 2016, and WI LIFE, and even helped develop the on screen graphics for Here & Now.

Back In April I got the chance to put together the opening graphics for the UW Varsity Band show.  The video of my time-lapse work as well as some specifics is below

In this production I really wanted to focus on the history of the Varsity Band show as well as touch on the future.

To accomplish this I reviewed several previous productions. I also had access to lots of the original media thanks to the archives.

I was working on this with my coworker Brandon testing out the new Adobe Teams.  The goal was to test out the teams functions as well as trying to work in tandem on a project.

Unfortunately teams didn’t work out for us in this production.   We had several media linking problems with after effects. I also regret to report that Adobe help was very poor compared to other times I’ve worked with them in the past. In production time is critical for planning and execution. There were times I waited over a week to hear back about my issues and Adobe teams was not something I could depend during this time.

I couldn’t wait longer and moved on without using the teams feature and focused on the design.  I worked with Brandon and developed a look of slicing the logo up into several different scenes from previous productions. By using 3d layers in After Effects I was able to create parallax and movement inside each of the slices and precomping each of them to move them in a 3D space.

To animate the logo and light wall I used video copilot element3D. I was given a 2D logo from one of our designers and redrew some of it using masks in After Effects. I was able to create some custom materials and reflections.

The lights in the background were actually a single low poly model created by Brandon- then I replicated it with an on and off state across a grid using Element3D.  To get the look of a wrap around look, I used a lens compensation effect that let me create a fisheye type effect without having to bend the geometry.

The lower thirds were Created with taking the logo in element3D and pretender just the logo as an asset.

Prerendering is a huge timesaver- if you are reusing an asset, don’t waste time rerendering the background or other assets as the program has to draw those precomped animations as well.

Overall I’m very happy with how this came out. Thanks to Brandon for helping me out with this projects and thanks to Wisconsin Public Television for the opportunity to be part of a really cool project.

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