Apple Compressor Professional training

Apple Compressor Professional training

In this lesson Learn the basics of using Apple Compressor

I have a lot of people ask me if they should be using or if they need apple compressor. I would say MAYBE. Apple compressor is great because it isa batch renderer, offers noise removal, watermarking, timecode burn in, and has support for lots of codecs.

As a broadcast professional theres times I need my masters to go to an editor in AVID DNxHD out of motion or Final Cut pro. Additionally I can create my own presets or upload straight to YouTube or Vimeo, or create automated Post Render actions using compressor. While I personally believe Compressor should be included with FCPX or Motion, I understand that it offers a lot of power and that comes with a price.

In this lesson, learn about the different workflows of Apple Compressor and see if its a right fir for you before you buy.

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