All day Power with V Mount Battery solutions

Are you constantly changing out your batteries on a shoot? Looking for a power solution to last all day? Power all your equipment from a V mount battery and battery pinch.

In this video I review the Lanparte V mount battery pinch that I use with my Atomos Assassin and Sony a7s along with a couple different batteries to shoot without worrying if I’m going to run out of power.

Did you know that there are restrictions of traveling with batteries?  Be sure to check with your local airline to see what you can and cant bring.  In the US, I believe any battery needs to be under 100 Wh and needs to be discharged by at least 50% to be able to fly, and it needs to travel with you in a carryon and cannot be in checked luggage.

One of the other things I love about V mount batteries is how many different things I can power with them.  I use them for lights, cameras and recorders (and sometimes even my cellphone for some live streaming events)

If you are wondering what Im using in this video the links are below.

Lanparte VBP-01V-Mount Battery Pinch with HDMI Splitter, Multiple Power Ports, V-Lock (Black)

Switronix XP-L90S 98wh Battery

MAXOAK 177 wh V-mount Battery

Indipro Tools 30 In. Power Converter P-Tap to Sony A7 Type Dummy Battery

None of these products are sponsors in any way, but if you buy using the links, you support me without costing you anything extra.

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