Adobe Premiere Pro Free introductory Training

I’ve been teaching Adobe production software since 2011 and theres lots of people who are wanting to get into production and video editing.   Sometimes its not economical or physically practical to book a classroom or on 1 on 1 session with me, or other instructors.

So I’ve decided Im going to give away a 10 lesson course covering everything to get you up and running with Premiere Pro!

Why am I giving away a 10 lesson course in a class that I make a living on teaching?  Well theres a couple reasons actually.

  1. This is a lot of content, but cant compare to a full class.  Think of this as a crash course bare bones course.  Its enough to get you started, but you may have more questions once you get deeper
  2. I believe that a rising tide lifts all ships.  By giving everyone access to the core skill set of video editing in Premiere Pro, allows more room for creativity and innovation.
  3. It’s a training I wish I had when I was in school.  By and large, my college curriculum was at best out of date and obsolete, and at worst, criminally negligent.  Hopefully I can save you some of the frustration that I experienced.
  4. Most of these questions I answer a lot from beginners, and now you have the information at your convenience, whenever you want it.

So over the next couple weeks, I’ll be posting a series of 10 lessons to get you up and running with Premiere Pro.

After that, Ill be doing the same with After Effects, Apple Motion, and Final Cut Pro X.

All of them will be posted here on my website, but to see the latest lessons be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel AV- Ultra.

Lets make great things.

Stanislaw Robert Luberda

Adobe Certified Instructor


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