20% external drives at Western Digital

Running low on space? Right now Western Digital has 20% off their entire store, keep reading for more info.

Looking to pick up some more drives or jumping into some introductory pro level storage using hardware raid?  It seems however much space I have I tend to fill.

Typically I tend to buy drives for each larger client project so I have a “closed ecosystem” when it comes to assets and footage for a project that lets me store it on a shelf so i can easily access it when necessary. When things are mission critical I cannot stress enough how important backups can be when working with hard drives.

Eventually all hard drives fail and need to be replaced, which is why I’ve been looking for a great solution for hardware raid that isn’t a massive 8-24 bay. For medium or smaller projects typically I only need 1-5 TB of storage. This could be an individual project or a bunch of assets.  An example is i currently have over 3TB of “stock assets” like light leaks, dust overlays compositing elements etc.

When you need something backed up and locally stored RAID1 in my opinion is still the way to go for 1 to 1 copy protection.

So in shopping for a drive that fit my needs of:

  • Expandability
  • User serviceable
  • Hardware RAID
  • Thunderbolt and USB3 speed
  • Low profile and quiet

mb_pro_6The WD My Book Pro was the answer for me.I’m using an older imac that doesnt have usb3 and I love the expandability and speed of thunderbolt.
You COULD buy  a 8 TB flavor of it on amazon right now, but you can save 20% right now using the Coupon code :WDSPRING16

I dont know how long the coupon code will last But if you are a student or part of an educational institution you can enjoy 20% site wide if your school qualifies by filling out this form.

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