Learn the basics of FCPX for free.

Im a video professional, and as part of my work I spend a lot of time training people and companies in different tools.  In 2015 I’ve been fortunate o train people at MGM grand Resorts International, Kohls, Wells Fargo, TMJ-4 Milwaukee, Jockey International and a few others.

I’m in the process of developing some great classes for professionals but in the meantime, I wanted to release a bunch of tutorials to get people up and running with FCPX.

So if you are new to FCPX, or new to video editing on a MAC in general, here is a collection of 100% free tutorials that are aimed at getting you comfortable with Final Cut Pro X and editing in OS X.

Getting Started with Final Cut Pro X

In this lesson we take a tour of the program.


Basics of editing in Final Cut Pro X

Start editing in Final Cut using the different Editing tools and creating in/out points, creating projects and trimming clips.

Keyword and Smart Collections in FCPX

One of the best features of FCPX is the way it databases clips for easy searching. If you are creating your own b roll library this is an essential topic.

Rate and sort media in FCPX

Sometimes you just want to find your favorite clips, other times its useful to be able to see what media you haven’t used yet. This is where rating and sorting clips comes in.

Using Markers and To dos in Final Cut Pro X

If you’re like me, a lot of times you may be coming back to projects a few times in the future, by leaving markers and todos you can leave yourself notes right in your projects.

Understanding Optimized / Proxy medi in Final Cut Pro X

Editing not playing back in full speed? Adding several effects to your footage, editing on a slower machine? This is where Proxy media can speed up your workflow.

Color correcting in FCPX

Whether you are trying to match a color profile in two different clips, or you are fixing some white balance, heres how to use the new color correction tools in FCPX

Creating a ken burns effect in FCPX

A popular technique that can be used with photos or video, to create basic movement animation without the need for keyframes.

Blur / censor faces in FCPX

When editing there may be lots of times to cover a logo or persons face because we dont have the permission to use them. In this tutorial learn the basics of keyframe animation using built in effects to obscure a moving face.

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If you are looking for a class in Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premiere, After Effects, or Element 3D, I am available for instruction for you or your team locally in the Milwaukee/Chicago area.

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