Element 3D Point replicator tutorial

I’ve started putting together a series of Element 3D tutorials talking about the specific features a little bit more in depth.  Every time I think I know about a specific function Im surprised to lear so much more about it.  It’s a serious game changer in the way I handle a lot of Motion Graphics.

Heres a tutorial I put together talking all about the Point Replicator and how it works.


The point replicator does exactly what it sounds like. It replicates anything in a single group at a specific XYZ coordinate point.

In this Tutorial we will explore:

Setting the point replicator

Setting up the scene
Group folders
Understanding how Element 3d uses folders
Changing number of particles in the point replicator
Understanding XYZ space in the point replicator
Scattering particles
Understanding Multiple objects within groups
Cycling different geometry in a group
Adjusting X Y Z scatters
Modify group positions
Moving in 3D space within a particle replicator

That’s pretty much it for the point replicator in Element3D.

If you are looking for more tutorials or After effects, Premiere, Final Cut, Apple motion or video production Training I am available for private or group instruction through www.stanislawrobertluberda.com

There, you can find more tutorials as well as online classes and face to face training opportunities.


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