Element 3D tutorials coming

Element3D has, without a doubt, changed the way I approach motion graphics.  Coming from a video background, I got into Motion Graphics and animation because it looked fun, annnnd I didn’t know anyone who could do the kind of work I was looking for.  As I got further into VFX and After effects, and then started training people and companies in video production, editing and post production there was something missing.  More and more graphics on tv and movies were heavy in full 3d animation.

3D Animation is tough.  I consider it a wholly different discipline that requires a different set of skills compared to video production. While many things can overlap for sure, to do it right takes alot of study. At least for me.

In comes Element3D.  Element3D, takes a lot of the pain away in working with 3D.  Super slow renders, setting up materials from scratch, animating several objects together to get a specific look etc.  Much of the time I just need some simple to slightly complex animations.  Thats also what my clients want.

What I don’t see is a ton of tutorials when it comes to element as opposed to other After effects topics so I decided I would be putting together a series of topics to talk about the different functions of Element and how to use them.

Here are the topics I’ll be covering in my tutorials:

Basic setup of Element3D

The Point replicator

The 3D grid replicator

The Sphere Replicator

The Plane Replicator

The Ring Replicator

The Layer Replicator

The 3D object Replicator

The Layer Grid Replicator

Creating 3D text with Element3D

Using the Animation engine

Creating A Cinematic title with Element

Noise and evolution setting with Element

Importing 3D objects with Element3d

Auxiliary animation

And probably a few others.  This list will be updated and links will be posted in the appropriate areas.

Be sure to check out my Tutorials page as well as my YouTube Channel for all my free tutorials