MotionVFX mObject tutorials

A collection of mObject tutorials.

The reality is clients want and expect eye catching 3D graphics nowadays.  In After Effects you are limited to using the raytracer which sucks, using Cineware which can be time consuming, or springing for Element3D.

But what if you dont want to pay a monthly fee to Adobe?

Apple Motion is a one time payment that offers full 3D text out of the box with reflections and shadows.

And if you want to spring for MOTIONVFX mObject, it works very similarly to element 3D!

Heres a demo-

This morning MotionVFX linked up a bunch of great tutorials in getting started and working with mObject (incidentally beating yours truly to the punch as I’ve been working on my own mObject tutorials as well!)

Check it out.

And if you’re new to Motion (which is an AWESOME tool BTW, I’ll be doing some tutorials on in in the coming weeks.

MotionVFX tutorials

if you’re looking for classes in Final Cut Pro X, or Apple Motion, I instruct both of them professionally for teams up to 6 participants. You can find more info about me and the training I offer at

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