Process of creating a 3d image gallery

I was recently testing the reflection and custom texture layers in Element3D inside After Effects.  I wanted to create a quick 3D gallery, that I can swap out text and video and have it auto populate in each of the squares.

This way I can use this as a template and change the camera settings or the video in any of the images by just using a couple clicks.

This is the process of setting it up.

The completed result is here.  I went a little too far with the depth of field on the text but it can easily be changed to make more clear.  I really like the feature of focal indication included within Element3D.

If you would like to learn more about Element3D, After Effects or other Video production software, I have training availible through my website at:  Stanislaw Robert Luberda.  I also have some tutorials in various motion graphics techniques.

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