Cinema 4D and Team renders

I’m fairly new to Cinema 4D. Growing up i played a lot with 3dsmax a lot and made a few animations here and there but a majority of my time went into cameras and gear.  Since I’m currently looking to expand my skillset and work more in Element3D and After Effects, 3D in general has taken a lot more precedent (especially on days when its too rainy to film like today)

One thing that always held me back on working on 3d was the really long render times to get some really remarkable stuff.  In After Effects and using VideoCopilot’s Element3D is super quick but cant do ray tracing and some of the fancier full 3D modeling that a complete suite can offer.

In the new version of Cinema 4D however, using spare computers and a render clients couldn’t be easier.  Currently i have an iMac, a couple older macbook pros, and a current retina Macbook Pro.  When editing I typically bounce from one machine to another while one is tied up, to work on something else, basically giving each machine a separate task.  But with the Team Render feature in Cinema 4D- Im able to churn out renders using all 4 of my machines at the same time.

Something like this was always promised with compressor with final cut 7 but never really worked quite right.  Or at least it seemed extremely buggy with qmaster.  In Cinema though it couldn’t be simpler.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 5.06.03 PMI started right away with a 8 port gigbit switch to hardwire all my machine via ethernet. this really shouldn’t be done over wifi at all. and once linked to my switch on each machine I just choose Share Machine over network.

Once I do that I can choose my Team Render Machines and verify them.  This is done by just going to the client machine (after they have been shared) b finding a security token and typing that into your master machine.

Once that’s done, its just a matter of connecting all your machines and choosing your renders.

If you Team Render to Picture view you will get different colored buckets for each machine working if its a still image.

If its a video- Each computer will get an entire frame.
So far i have been able to mix different operating systems with no real issue.

See the squares that dont fit just right?
See the squares that dont fit just right?

However I have noticed that on my slowest machine I have a few errors n the scene that shouldn’t be there.  If you click the above image you can see clearly where a few of the squares had some serious issues and will cause me to re render.

Over all though, The scene above went from a 6 hour render to about 50 minutes, so the trade for me is really not that bad.  Im looking forward to testing some other machines, and perhaps some other renderers to fine tune things.

Still confused on setting up a team render? Heres a great vid from Cineversity.

Have any additional tips to share about using Team Renders in C4D? I didn’t even get to full render farms where you can send off your projects to get rendered and returned to you!

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