Is the Sony a7s worth the low light hype?

Short answer: YES.

I recently picked up the a7s as an upgrade as like most people, got tired of waiting for canon to release something new and since i shoot primarily in low light or night settings I’ve been interested in the a7s for a while.  But its easy to get wrapped up in the hype.

Things I really wanted such as internal 4k like the gh4 were a pretty big trade off but being able to “upgrade” to 4k with a external recorder is something to worth noting.

I’m in the process of putting together a test video but since i’ve inly had the camera a couple days I thought an initial test was worth looking at.

Here a still from the camera and an iphone6+.  I Love shooting with my iPhone because its so quick and easy but for production it get a little noisy.

Anyway- theres a bar in Milwaukee called the Foundation.  its a tiki bar that is known to be almost in total and complete darkness.  It could be 1am or 1pm and its like you’ve walked into a room with almost night lighting save from a  few puffer fish lamps.

So heres my first test shot.

a7s test

Here’s a quick vid about it. This was with a canon 50mm 1.8 and i think around 8000 iso

Im working on another tester that I will share as soon as its complete.

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