Final Cut Pro shortcut cheat sheet

The other day I put together a cheat sheet of the shortcuts i most used in Apple Motion 5.  by no means is it an extensive list of every shortcut, but I found that having a single page of the most used shortcuts helped me out.  Another reason why I created it was that there were many other cheat sheets out there for other programs, but I wasn’t able to find one for Motion as easily as say Final Cut Pro X.

FCPX-Cheat-SheetIn researching I came across some really great ones, including one from  They had put together a great comprehensive list of most (if not all!) of the shortcuts in Final Cut Pro X.  While excellent I found it contained a lot of information that I typically don’t use too often so I adapted it to another single page.


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Hope you found this useful, and if you are looking for a fuller more comprehensive list why not check out


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