Motion 5 shortcut Cheat sheet

Are you using Final Cut and Motion for your productions?
While I have seen plenty of Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Premiere, shortcut sheets, I haven’t been able to find a decent sheet of shortcuts for working in Motion 5

If you are new to Motion, it’s an extremely economical solution for motion graphics if you are working on Mac.  In fact I would wager there’s a lot of things you can do in Motion that are faster and easier than trying to do the same things in After Effects or Nuke.  Another advantage is that it is not a subscription based price and just a flat rate of 49.99, makes it a great solution or a whole new tool set for a price lower than many plug-ins for competing products.

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So here’s a collection of shortcuts (not all of them but the most useful ones I’ve found) I put together.Motion-5-Cheat-Sheet
To use these Make sure you go to your preferences in Motion and select the Standard Set.


I’ve had a few people report issues with grabbing the image on the right:
Here is a direct link

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8 thoughts on “Motion 5 shortcut Cheat sheet

  1. I tried with both Safari and Firefox. I am able to download your FCP Pro cheat sheet with no problem. Could you provide the link here?


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