Are you serious about compositing?

Are you serious about compositing and production.
As a trainer at, I can tell you they most all higher end facilities use NUKE and/or After Effects as part of their compositing. Its rarely just 1 tool for the job.

What is NUKE?
Have you seen: Enders Game, Tron legacy, Looper, Inception, Prometheus, or any other heavy VFX movie in the last 10 years? More often they are using NUKE.

Here’s a showreel from the last year:

Nuke is a node based compositing program similar to After Effects that works a little different.
Lucky for you they have free trails and extremely discounted licenses for students.

My point is: be aware of the different tools out there. You don’t have to be a total master of all of them, but you might find something that works better for you!

Just like there’s Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Vegas, Avid, Resolve, etc., they all have different pros and cons.  Very rarely do I stick with one program from beginning to end.

if you are a student, The Foundry (maker of NUKE among other creative programs) has great discounts.

If you are NOT a student they will be launching a free full fledged version for non commercial use for people to get started with NUKE.  Why not check them out.

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