30 Industry relevant After Effects tutorials -FREE-


30 full After Effect tutorials from School of motion-

As an instructor, and as a professional, I’m always looking to see how other people do things. And there is an Immense amount of tutorials and information out there. Sometimes its relevant and really useful, other times maybe not so much. But Im here to share with you some a great resource that I’ve recently found.

School of Motion
What is School of Motion? Well, its a great website that took on a slightly crazy task of doing 30 After Effects tutorials in 30 days. And these are not small little “Heres how to mask a layer” kinda of tutorials but intermediate to advanced lesson plans covering almost everything I’ve encountered in the world of production and motion graphics.

Everything from text reveals to 2d character animation, mocha tracking etc. You’d be really hard pressed to find something there that you can’t use.

From what I gather about School of Motion, is that it is part of Ringling College of Art & Design.  I’ve personally never herd of this school, but if this is the kinds of things they are doing, color me impressed.

Each tutorial varies in level of complexity, and a good foundation in After Effects is something I would personally recommend with tackling some of these. That being said, even if you are not that familiar with After Effects, it’s still a ton of great information.

Now heres the best part. This isn’t some big sell. It isn’t meant to be an end all be all exhaustive After Effects training. But it’s a Ringling College of Art & Design former instructor, Joey Korenman, sharing what he knows.  Do yourself a favor and stop on by and see what they are doing, or even better sign up for their newsletter.
Now he does have a scenery pack for sale and I’m really hoping he puts together some more packs in the future because this guy knows his stuff.

Check out his website at http://www.schoolofmotion.com/

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