My Photoshop World 2014 takeaway

Photoshop world 2014Photoshop World in Las vegas is a long running conference covering a wide variety of topics.  While at Photoshop World there are many seminars  to choose from illustration to product photography and Digital asset management from Lightroom.

Professionals and creatives come together and share what they know through lectures and workshops over a week.

This was my first thrip to Photoshop world and i was both impressed and disappointed in the overall event.  I want to mention the fact that I attended only 1 day of actual seminars so my opinion may a bit skewed but I’ll get to that later.

Photoshop world took place in Mandalay Bay conference center.(basically the lower level of the hotel/casino)

As I mentioned the different topics offered covered everything to wedding photography, Lightroom, illustrating in photoshop etc.  But many of the topic I saw listed were really geared toward new users of photoshop with not so much emphasis on pro features or advanced techniques.  This left me wondering who exactly the market for photoshop world is.  In my mind, I imagined it would be people who have already been using much of the Creative Cloud Suite to push their works to the next level, and not people learning it for the first time.  I was personally hoping for some more advanced features.

Out of the different topics I did see however there were some notable ones:
in one word, my favorite takeaway was “Generators”
Within photoshop, you can now “generate” several different versions and sizes of different compositions by dragging them fro your layer panels into these generators.  Often times I’m creating several sizes and formats of different comps for web, or screen and this saves me time by just creating them for me.

After talking with a friend about it apparently its more powerful than that and actually can run a bit of javascript for even more power than merely using the “actions”

That being said it was an incredible experience to see so many talented presenters and how they worked.  My favorite of the presenters I saw was Joe Mcnally and his lectures on speedlights for photography.   In minutes he went from taking amateur photos to blowing my mind with some simple techniques in the matter of minutes.

I also really enjoyed Illustrating with photoshop with Pete Collins.  As a veteran Photoshop, Im not much of an illustrator, however with this lecture i can see adapting my process that I use currently into digging deeper with Illustrations.

Overall I came away as I mentioned both excited and a little disappointed in the total conference, but the stuff I enjoyed, i did so immensely.

The things I DID like were:

Open tracks– Just because I started in retouching didn’t mean i was locked to that, i could venture freely from topic to topic.

Presenters– As a presenter and educator, its always great to see how other professionals work

The Book– Entrance to Photoshop world was given with a Photoshop world 2014 book (this years ‘theme’ was very piratey.. which seemed weird in general) covering every single topic covered in the conference with breakdowns of every lecture with screenshots etc.

There were a few things i wish were a little better:

The space– It was a lot of rooms scattered across the whole bottom floor convention center. Sometimes i was down a narrow hallway tucked away, other times in a big open area. almost all time the presenters were really far away or the screens were not very large to accomodate everyone.  Some spaces had far too many chairs and others didn’t have enough for a third of the crowd.

The timing– The different tracks ran right into each other except for a few breaks which were a couple hours in between. Kinda confusing and i would have preferred to not have it start at 8 am (especially after hitting the red square the night before!)

Offerings– Out of all the different topics there was only 1 that really dealt into premiere and that was a very intro course in using premiere for photographers. I understand it was “Photoshop world” but I would have liked to see somethings in different disciplines.

The Expo– The expo space was a very small space and while the adobe booths were great to get more info on the Creative Cloud, other times it felt like i was merely Bothering the people at the Canon and DJI booths.  I own both a Phantom and Canon equipment and both booth workers were some of the rudest Ive ever dealt with.  Within mid question a DJI representative walked right away from me to help someone else.

Bottom line, would I go again?  That really depends on the content more than anything.  I thought it was a great experience and The presenters and the adobe crowd at the booth were great, I would go again only for those reasons unless I found something particularly interesting.  For those looking for specific tips and tricks, or learning to learn new equipment, I would recommend it.

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