The secrets to learning Video Production/ Animation

As someone who teaches some concepts in production/animation I thought I would put together a little something about the learning process and my particular views in some of the industry right now.
This originally started as an email to someone looking to learn more about animation and the video programs offered in Adobe Creative Cloud but it can really be applied to alot of things.   Just replace the jargon with your own industry terms.

My first and foremost advice with learning and getting into video production and animation stuff is “get involved”. Try to connect with other people in your area that are doing things that you are interested in. Chances are you’ll find a meetup group, or even just a school that is doing something with animation and production. Now I totally understand that there is a chance that there just might not be a group or meetup or anything like that.  And if that is the case then i’d suggest starting your own. Get people excited, meet new people, get better at what you do.

My second piece of advice that goes with the first piece is: Make stuff. Always make stuff. It won’t always be good, and thats totally ok, because it will get better and you’ll learn a ton.

Last piece of advice, really a combination of the two other pieces so I don’t know if it counts or not. But learn from other people.  Vimeo and youtube are great Free resources. There is also: Video co pilot and Grey scale gorilla and DSLR video shooter with Caleb Pike, and Mr. Dave Dugdale. Do they know everything about everything? Probably not, but they are all sharing what they know.  Otherwise if you’re looking for something more formal, I’d say is great for the price but nothing compares with a classroom environment to workshop stuff in my opinion.

As far as industry things happening right now I can say that Core skills are pretty hot right now.  Animation in 3dsmax or C4d or maya are cool, but if you understand the mechanics of actual animation and the principles behind them, you’re way better off.

As far as video production, it’s no longer about the most expensive best cameras, because most things are all hd 1080p right now. Most peoples phones are a decent enough camera.  Work on composition, and lighting, and design. Because whether its Adobe Premiere Pro, or Final Cut X, or Avid, or Vegas, or iMovie or whatever, they are all just tools.  And most of the time they are the same tools from program to program.

Don’t ever feel limited by the stuff you don’t have. I meet a lot of people that say, well I don’t have this piece of equipment so I can’t do this.

 Also if you ever get a chance to work in production prepare for a long day, and NEVER be late. Especially with production remember the following: Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable.

Hope this information helps you out and answers some of your questions regarding video and animation. I love it personally and work on it every day.  If you were looking for a “where can I go to learn to be a great editor/videographer/animator” I don’t have an answer for that because I’ve never found it.

Feel free to hit me with any other questions you might have or you can follow me on Twitter @StanLube where I typically post links to news and tips.


Theres a ton of resources online, look for it, make stuff everyday. 

Meet people who know something you don’t (everybody knows something you don’t)

Repeat until awesome.

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